Maintaining Strong Teeth With Electric Toothbrushes

Brushing one’s teeth is a necessity of life if one wishes to avoid cavities and other problems. An aching tooth brings a pain like no other and sends the sufferer quickly to the dentist. To avoid this problem it is essential that proper brushing be done twice daily.

Toothbrushes come in many different styles and colors. The price ranges from as low as one dollar up to one hundred. There has been many arguments as to whether the electric toothpaste does a better job than the manual one as far as reducing plaque and keeping the teeth in good condition. A mutual agreement on this matter has not been reached.

The advantage of an electric toothbrush over a manual one is that the electric one can cover more area in a faster and more efficient amount of time. This eliminates the need to brush longer when using a manual one. In addition, with the various shaped detachable heads, it reaches a great deal more area.

To be able to keep good teeth a person must practice oral hygiene and brush their teeth regularly. Thanks to the invention of toothbrushes, plain and electric, they have been able to do this. The various heads on the electric toothbrushes add extra assistance in this effort.

Although there are arguments that the electric or battery toothbrush is not any different from the manual one, no one can argue that the advantage of owning an electrical toothbrush is its ability to reach into deeper places between the teeth than the old manual one did. Being able to do this keeps more plaque from forming on the teeth and, therefore, eliminates the need for more frequent dentist visits for cleaning.

It has been agreed among professionals that a person should brush their teeth a minimum of 2 minutes twice daily. In brushing all areas of the top and bottom, teeth should be covered thoroughly especially behind the back molars. It is also helpful if dental floss is used to remove any food lodged between the teeth before brushing.

One of the new developments in the toothbrush industry is a visual screen which tells the person brushing their teeth just exactly how long they have brushed. It is reported that a smiley face usually comes up when they have brushed long enough. It would appear that, with the exception of small children, this would not have any more impact than the brushes with automatic timers.

Dentists constantly see people with poor teeth. This can be due to poor diet, lack of brushing, and other things. Some cannot have regular care because they do not have insurance or are short of funds. This is why, regardless of one’s station in life, it is urgent to brush the teeth daily. Some who do not follow this plan just have all their teeth pulled. They soon find that dentures do not take the place of a good set of teeth. Fortunately, most people have found that, with electric toothbrushes, it is possible to live many years with few cavities and good, healthy teeth.