A Look at the Many Green Benefits of Using Electric Grills

As more people are becoming aware of how our environment affects our health, they are demanding products that not only provide healthier food but also remove dangerous toxins and carcinogens in the air we breathe and the soil our food is grown in. There are many ways we can all become a part of the effort to conserve our resources while living healthier lives, and one of these methods is by replacing our traditional grills with modern outdoor electric grills. Electric grills are a safe, health conscious, and energy efficient method for protecting ourselves and our environment.

Carbon Footprints

Carbon is one of the elements in the earth’s ozone layer that protects all living beings from the sun’s radiation and is also one of the building blocks for life on planet Earth. Consider the differences of carbon produced by a decaying tree branch versus a burning tree branch; both release the same amount of carbon, yet the rate of release and the effect on the environment is different. Carbon is released into the atmosphere and the soil during the years that it takes for the branch to decay at a rate that allows for incorporation into the natural flow of life. If one were to burn this same branch, it releases potentially dangerous quantities of carbon into the air.

While a burning tree branch is natural in our ecosphere, the toxins and carcinogens found in products such as charcoal are not. Researchers at the American Institute for Cancer Research have found a link between lighter fluid and the charcoal residue found on food and colorectal and pancreatic cancer. This suggests that a part of the damage our bodies sustain comes from the carbon footprint our cooking methods produce.

This is not the only unhealthy practice people engage in. We also suffer from obesity because of the fat content present in the food we eat. Grilling has not been the most ecological or health-conscious practice we engage in. However, people can limit the negative aspects of this favorite pastime by changing the appliances they buy and the way they grill their food. From an environmental and health-conscious viewpoint, switching from traditional grills to outdoor electric grills is a healthy, green way for us to protect our environment and our bodies.

Comparing Grills From An Environmental And Health Conscious Position

In the past, environmentally conscious individuals switched from charcoal grills to propane burning grills. Propane burns cleaner than other fossil fuels, and on a per-unit energy basis, it produces fewer of the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. Propane has very low sulphur content, which is one of the ingredients found in acid rain and smog. Furthermore, propane is a pressurized fuel that must be contained in a sealed system, and due to this requirement, is less likely to escape into water sources or the soil through careless spills or evaporation.

However, not only are outdoor electric grills even more environmentally beneficial than propane alternatives, but they are safer to use and produce healthier prepared food as well. Propane is made from non-renewable fossil fuels, which means that once crude oil resources are less easily obtained or are gone altogether, propane will be a thing of the past. Electricity, on the other hand, is becoming a renewable resource as more of our electricity is being generated from hydropower, solar power, and wind sources.

Outdoor electric grills are also less of a fire hazard. Propane is a gas and therefore flammable; outdoor electric grills cook without a flame, so fire risks are minimized. Flare-ups do not occur with outdoor electric grills, which enable food to be cooked evenly and thoroughly without burn spots. Outdoor electric grills produce healthier food because most cooking grates are angled to help channel fat and grease away from the grilling surface. Not only will cooking fat be removed from food, but it won’t be able to clog up the burner and eventually end up back on your food at a later time.

Green Grilling Will Help Our Environment

Electric grills continue to be the leader in eco-friendly cooking practices. Not only do they reduce our environmental impact, but they also lead to healthier food, promoting longer lives for both ourselves and the environment.