The Continental French Door

These types of double glazed doors add a touch of elegance and continental style to your home. It doesn’t matter if you have a country cottage or a town house they are beautiful to look at and great to use. Opening out onto a potted patio or a large lawn garden the French door is inviting you to go out.

Very different in style and functionality to the patio door, the French door can either be opened to the outside or inside. Either one half only or for the full effect of the outside coming into your lounge or kitchen both doors open. One door is usually used more than the other and this is a traffic door holding the locks, and it will have a handle on both sides. This is so that the entire unit doesn’t have to be opened when it is cold or just popping outside. The multiple panes of glass offer sunlight and a view of your garden which can be enjoyed any time of year, even in the winter they let in lots of light.

The double glazing will stop all draughts and noise so it doesn’t matter where your home is situated they will offer comfort and warmth when required. They look very traditional as they are made from hardwood but can be available in aluminum and UPVC. Whatever your preference they can incorporate a cottage or Georgian style and these doors act as the welcome mat to your living space. As French doors come in panels of very small panes or bars the toughened glass offers a security and peace of mind that if they are fallen against they can withstand a substantial weight.

UPVC doors are maintenance free and will not rust or flake paint, the variety of colours can also enhance your gardens look and can blend in to any design. They will transform your home into something that you have dreamed of just by the change in style of a solid back door to a French door. It doesn’t matter what the size of the whole is to be filled that had a pre-existing door or window, they can be made to measure and individually tailored to your home.

Cottage doors offer the perfect combination of traditional elegance and modern design that will add an authentic touch to any house or cottage. French doors are also great to have inside too. They will open up a through room or allow it to be shut up but still retain that longer room feel. They are perfect for opening up another room that is not normally used but keeps the whole downstairs feeling spacious and connected. Light can filter though into areas that would normally be darker.